Believe in North Pole Magic notecard

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Step into a world of wonder and whimsy with our Enchanted Midnight Blue North Pole Print

This enchanting print captures the essence of a starlit winter’s night, where the velvety midnight blue sky is adorned with a multitude of magical glistening stars. Each twinkle in this enchanting display beckons you to believe in the enchantment of the North Pole. At the heart of the print, you’ll find the phrase “Believe in North Pole Magic” written in an elegant, whimsical font. Whether you want to adorn your little ones room or even your living room, this print bring a touch of North Pole magic into your home.


  • Printed on luxury 250gsm A6 card
  • Single sided
  • The colour you see on the computer screen may differ slightly from the actual prints, due to varying screen settings