North Pole Circus Ticket x6


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Behold the Special North Pole Circus Ticket, an invitation to a dazzling performance put on by your very own little ones.

So get ready as the North Pole Circus is in town, hand out these tickets and invite you family and friends to an exclusive showing to the enchanting Penguin Parade. Enter a world of wonder where the magic of childhood imagination takes centre stage.  Get your special North Pole Circus ticket ready as this is an experience you won’t want to miss, a memory that will warm your heart and bring smiles for years to come. So, put on your top hat, grab your ticket, and join in the merriment of the Penguin Parade – a performance like no other, created by the imagination of your very own stars. These tickets go perfectly with the Home of Magic and Dreams Theatre and the North Pole Circus invitation to create an entire Penguin Parade experience.


  • Printed on luxury 300gsm card
  • 6 tickets
  • Size – Approx 5cm W x 3cm H
  • Perfect to be used alongside my theatre, the home and magic and dreams and North Pole Circus invitation.
  • The colour you see on the computer screen may differ slightly from the actual prints, due to varying screen settings