The Home of Magic and Dreams Theatre – The Enchanted Fairy backdrop and props


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It’s time for the first showing of The Enchanted Fairy, a mesmerising magical performance waiting to be created.

Introducing the exquisite luxury card backdrop and wands, to be used with my home of magic and dreams theatre (slots and fits in place on theatre). Watch as your children’s imagination takes centre stage, as they act out stories, create their own magic, and explore a realm of endless possibilities. The stage is set with an enchanting backdrop that shimmers with an rainbows and stars. As the curtain rises, you are transported into a realm where fairies flutter and magic is real. So get ready as your little ones become the storyteller to this magical once in a lifetime show, The Enchanted Fairy.

PLEASE NOTE: this does not include the theatre only the backdrop and wands, theatre must be purchased separately through my shop.


  • Luxury 450gsm card
  • Includes backdrop, 3 wands, mushroom slot in stand and 4 tickets to be given out to family and friends
  • PLEASE NOTE: Does not include theatre, the theatre must be purchased separately. Fairy backdrop fits into Home of Magic and Dreams Theatre
  • The colour you see on the computer screen may differ slightly from the actual prints, due to varying screen settings